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The concept

As EldyCodes developers, we appreciate that there exist technologies that can significantly reshape how we pursue brand visibility for businesses or our ideas. Eldycodes has been working on an innovation that has the potential of opening up urban or rural settings where there is little mapping such that any e-commerce becomes virtually impossible. In response, EldyCodes has been working on a GPS technology to deliver on the idea that we can use GPS to introduce a new virtual city experience. Based on your current location, you can now see what people/businesses around you offer on their websites. We refer to the concept as Peer-to-Peer Cell Technology (p2pCell technology)

Basically, the p2pCell idea means that we intend to have specific GPS nodes (Ps) linked to one another to form a p2p network and that the p2p points can be seen from the perceptive of a circle (we call it the Cell), or your local Cell, within which the EldyCodes algorithm takes that your current location is the central point of your unique virtual Cell.

Well, that concept the foundations on which the virtual city experience can be modeled. And we are doing a lot already. As a test of the idea, Eldycodes is building a comprehensive web application with GPS powered e-commerce and blogs, which are automatically broadcasted to your local cloud markets.

As the website owner, you must appreciate how powerful the installed website from Eldycodes is: These are some of the benefits thoroughly tested for release as a software technology

  1. You will enjoy the privileges of editing the entire website features and settings.
  2. Uploading and deleting content from the conversation e-commerce shelf
  3. Writing and deleting blogs (managing a blog profile)
  4. Editing the company profile to suit your new changes
  5. Making announcements on the message panel as frequent as you possible
  6. Changing the aesthetics of your website including changing the background image anytime you want, changing the theme color of your entire website, and editing the brand name of your business
  7. You can keep updating a brief description of your business to suit trends
  8. Update your website contacts and much more
  9. Changing the GPS settings of your website directly from the Admin Dashboard


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