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EldyCodes understands that GPS technologies are powerful in identifying the exact position of physical bodies on the ground in any part of the world. Working with GPS requires that we can access devices that have capabilities to accurately pick their geo-locations, such as phones, computers, some watches, and several other gadgets that we interact with daily. What we have done is to use some of these devices to get your location and give you commerce services that are within your local network.

These concepts are captured in the P2P cell technology that EldyCodes has been investigating. EldyCodes has developed and is presenting several web applications that are built on the GPS layer. Our engineering teams have been working on the GPS layer (Peer 2 peer (P2P) Cell network), and we are confident that we have made significant research steps to this point where we are now inviting you to participate. 

This is why you should make a move to join while on offer

Procuring the website right now is the best idea because we have several technologies combined into one comprehensive platform installed with sinificanly lower process with lifetime admin privileges. After all, the platform is designed as a template. As the website administrator, you can do anything with it. There is so much that you will benefit from participating in our research as an explorer. First, the websites are comprehensive and cheap. The initial installation on your websites will come with complete integration of five of the most powerful tools in web technologies that power online Commerce.

The five technologies

These online platforms include fully functional e-commerce- (complete with product displays), a blog, your business profile (services, portfolio display, testimonials, and teams all-inclusive), a chat platform, direct message, and announcements portals, GPS settings, and much more. All these platforms are integrated comprehensively into one web bundle that is installed directly on your website. This is a breakthrough in design because not only can we supply all the platforms very cheaply, we can also deliver them as fast as possible- currently, we deliver in less than 48 hours but we are looking at halving the time to 24 hours. 

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